pennApps Notification Manager… Real-time.. Anywhere, Anytime Notifications

  • In the increasingly connected and empowered customer age powered with ubiquitous mobile connectivity and proliferation of the social media, customer expectations are changing radically. Customer’s preferences and behaviors are changing – they want choices, control, flexibility, convenience and awareness of their financial lives. Customers are taking greater control of their banking relationships and expect the information about their relationship and actions be made available to them in real-time that too on their terms.

    Organizations are striving to provide relevant information real-time optimizing various touch points to offer meaningful and differentiated customer experience with more choices and flexibility as the customer demands. However myriad systems in bank’s application landscape with a mix of legacy and advanced posing challenge in providing consistent and meaningful notifications. In addition, the continuous rise of fraudulent transactions, the stakes for a real-time communication mechanism are more mission critical than ever.

    pennApps Notification Manager is a comprehensive customer alerting and notification solution that is flexible and scalable to enable the banks to offer the unmatched customer notification features of any events or actions with multi-channel delivery mechanism.

    pennApps Notification Manager’s smart alerting and notification capability enables banks to enhance the customer experience by taking the customer interaction to a different level. It enables the customer to control the kind and means of the notification by allowing the customers to define on what kind of an alert and through which channel. In addition, it makes the interaction more meaningful with smart intelligence built in the solution

  • pennApps Notification Manager is a complete solution and easy deploy in any banking application environment that effectively handles the subscription, message preparation, publishing and delivery of the message across various channels and devices.

    Banks can define variety of templates and basic alerts and notifications including the appropriate channels for the delivery. In addition, it enables the customers to define their choices and frequencies or triggers. It fully supports multiple network protocols and capable to capture the defined events across the diverse systems of the bank effectively leveraging the convergence of the technologies

    The core features of the Notification Manager includes:

    Customer registration
    Events and Triggers definition
    Profile Management

    Notification Management
    Pull Based Notifications
    Push Based Notifications
    Adhoc Notifications

    Alerts Engine
    Configurable parameters
    Message generations
    Publishing & Delivery

    Multi Channel Servicing
    SOA Based Integration
    Proven adapters for Billers

    Flexible Reports
    Drill down Reports
    Delivery Reports
    Audit Reports

  • Built on new generation industry standard J2EE platforms, pennApps Notification Manager can be deployed at enterprise level with seamless integration to the rest of the organization’s technological infrastructure. Simple deployment, easy configuration features and the capability to integrate with diverse systems so as to generate, publish and deliver the alerts/ notifications real-time with built-in intelligence are key differentiators of pennApps Notification Manager.

    Enhance Customer experience

    Customer centric: With the flexible limit based and trigger based alerting or notification, the customer can define and manage the alerts and notifications of events on accounts or triggers on certain conditions with further flexibility on selecting the required device or delivery channel.

    Achieve operational Efficiencies

    Enable the organizations to manage the registration of the customers and the organizational preferences through its profile manager and the personalization engine can be extended to customer service delivery channels of the organization allowing the customers to manage their preferences.

    The comprehensive alerts engine monitors the events or triggers on accounts and generates the appropriate alerts or notifications and ensures the delivery of the same to various delivery channels or devices as defined.

    Flexible and Extensible

    Built on a robust, scalable and extensible architecture, it is easily configurable and allows for easy deployment with seamless integration to multiple host systems, pennApps Notification Manager helps banks deliver consistent experience across diverse delivery channels.

    Complete Control

    With effective built-in audit mechanism, pennApps Notification Manager offers transparency and better visibility on the generation, publishing and delivery of the alerts across all delivery channels.

    Extended SMS Banking

    Enables banks to extend services offerings through SMS to all of its customers, irrespective of their device or mobile operator. SMS delivery module enables banks to offer interactive transactional banking using SMS effectively utilizing its “SMS PULL” Services functionality to request information from the bank such as account balance, bill payment details, etc.,

    SMS notifications offers increased flexibility to customers with true 24×7 anywhere any time banking services with more control on their relationship with bank. Customers are more informed about their relationship without remembering multiple user name and password. Added convenience to customers enabling customers to define and configure various options as per their choice