pennApps Interactive Communication Manager… personalized.. interactive.. and engaging communication

  • The banking and financial services sector has undergone a radical change as today’s customers are online, networked, well-connected and embracing variety of bank channels. Empowered by the choice, freedom offered by new banking channels,customers are seeking a complete banking experience that engages them on their own terms.This necessitated banks to shift its focus from managing the customer relationship to fostering customer engagement.

    With pennApps Interactive Communications Manager (ICM), banks can delight their customers with a real meaningful experience that promotes loyalty and improves customer engagement. pennApps ICM enables banks to deliver real-time, relevant communication with valuable insights of transactional information including the analytical capability to customers revolutionizing the traditional paper or text based static electronic statements.
    Interactive Communication Manager

    pennApps ICM delivers highly interactive and feature packed customer statements with graphical charts, transaction sorting, transaction grouping, transaction searching and one click payment options all within the statement. Capability to incorporate personalized and targeted marketing messages within the interactive statement ensures differentiated experience to customers and give banks the edge to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive market. In addition, it helps banks to be more environmental friendly and be part of “Go Green” initiatives.

  • pennApps ICM is an enterprise application that offers various modules to manage the communication design, composition, publishing, delivery and monitor the overall process. The Template Manager offers the flexibility to define numerous templates by customer attributes or segments. The rule engine automates the selection of the appropriate template and generation of targeted and personalized information. The Processing engine automates the composition, creation and delivery of the customer communication.

    The information is delivered to customer’s inbox using secured PDF file and HTML rich text email solution. The PDF statement – can be secured with customer driven password or with combination of name/customer number/mobile numbers/any other custom combination or with randomly generated password to be sent as SMS Text to customer registered mobile. pennApps ICM capability of delivering the interactive statements in most widely accepted PDF format with rich interactive content ensures the immediate acceptance as the only requirement is to have the standard PDF reader to enjoy the interactive features.

    The core features of the ICM includes:

    Interactive Widgets
    Searchable Statement data
    Categorized Summary charts
    Multi Sort Statement data
    Interact with external websites
    Flexible design tools
    Multiple data formats imports
    Built in registration modules
    Export to external applications
    Other Features
    Easy and customizable branding
    Bank specific customizations
    Multiple Languages
    Integration to Internet banking


  • pennApps ICM is truly future ready solution that brings radical transformation to today’s eStatement concept.

    pennApps ICM can be used for variety of customer communications that includes consolidated statements, monthly statements, renewal notices, transaction advices with embedded advertisements, videos and interactive banners.

    Interactive statements in a widely accepted PDF format enable customers to view their information in different ways and to initiate or process certain banking transactions all within the statement.

    pennApps interactive statements offers positive customer experience by allowing customers to view their consolidated balances across various products and thus enabling them to visualize how they can benefit or receive higher returns by transferring their funds to other special products offered by bank. In addition, customers can download their transactional information into their favourite personal finance management applications.

    pennApps ICM comes with inbuilt capability to embed various interactive tools like Payment Calculators, Savings Calculators, Loan/Finance Calculators, Account/Deposit Opening forms, New Loan requests or top-up requests, Raise Dispute on transactions, Address Change Widgets, Limit change requests, Balance Transfer Requests and Loyalty Points Redemption that will enable the banks to offer unmatched customer experience. Furthermore, these interactive tools can be integrated with existing bank websites, Internet banking solution or Workflow applications