pennApps Host Integrator… Achieve efficiency with flexibility and adaptability

  • pennApps Host Integrator is a comprehensive and modular solution to effectively integrate the ATM/POS channel with Core Banking System

    pennApps Host Integrator offers high level of operational efficiency due to its ability to handle multiple back end Core Banking Systems with different ATM/POS controllers and an unmatched flexibility leveraging its highly configurable accounting engine to easily configure the financial accounting, commission and fee parameters as per bank requirements. Network messages are seamlessly processed and transactions are authorized with the host integrator’s inbuilt capability that facilitates communication between ATM/POS controllers and the core banking system.

    pennApps Host Integrator leverages ISO8583 standards to manage authorization, financial, and reversal transactions in real-time/online from any ATM network into the Misys Equation Core Banking System.

    The add-on settlement modules handle end-of-day transaction settlements, reconciliations and reports and the multiple-point extensive data logging make transaction tracing comfortable.

    pennApps Host Integrator supports any other value added transactions such as bill payments, mobile recharge with accommodation to configure other such transactions specific to every bank. This is in addition to the standard transactions (Financial and non-financial) that banks need to process on their core banking systems such as, cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, statements, cheque book requests, transaction reversals. Thus, the perfect blend of standardization and flexibility makes pennApps Host Integrator modular.

  • pennApps Host Integrator’s modularity simplifies customization, configuration and monitoring. While its communications module handles receiving messages from ATM controller and replying with response messages in line with ISO 8583 formats, the data parsing module transforms the message data in real time. The Processing module manages the complete financial accounting leveraging its flexible accounting engine. Through this, the Host Integrator ensures operational efficiencies and improves time to market for new banking products on its ATM/POS channel.

    Core components of pennApps Host Integrator include:
    Communication component – primarily handles the messaging aspects using IBM MQ or TCP Sockets for better processing speed.
    Accounting Engine – A highly flexible component that enables banks to configure accounting entries including exchange commission, charges among others.
    Data parser component – Modular component that handles message transformation either to ISO8583 based message or Custom message formats as required by the bank
    User Exits – Add-on feature assists banks to add custom processing rules and validations as per business requirements.

    In addition, the below are some of the key modules of the Host Integrator:

    ISO Message Types
    Transaction Types
    Events Definition
    Accounting Definition

    Transactions Processing
    Direct Debits
    Holds (Base 1 Processing)
    Transaction Settlement
    Expired Transactions
    Fee Management
    Exchange Rates Management
    Reversals Management

    IS08583 Support
    TCP/IP or MQ Based
    User Exits


  • Fusion of a set of well defined client needs and technology, makes pennApps Host Integrator the right fit product solution for banks run on Misys Equation Core Banking Application.

    Proactively meets market demands
    Its unmatched flexibility in defining new products and varied level of charge structures according to customer account classification and transaction type enables banks to be a robust part of the evolving business dynamics and have the advantage of improved the time to market.

    With minimal changes to the business applications, banks can now leverage customer segments to offer value added benefits in par with the ever evolving market conditions

    Achieve operational efficiencies
    The Integrator’s compliance with ISO 8583 messaging structure gives banks the ease of successfully implementing the application with minimal customizations.

    Extensive parameterization built into the Host Integrator’s system greatly adds to the operational efficiencies of banks.

    Cost Effective: Its ready ability to mount on the iSeries version without the need for any external hardware makes PennApps Host Integrator a cost effective and efficient option as it thereby, enables banks to leverage existing infrastructure.

    Configurable Accounting Engine:
    Configurable accounting engine enables streamlining different types of accounting entries in line with changing business dynamics. This configurability also allows for defining multiple accounting entries for each financial transaction. Exchange rates can be also be configured with a variety of commission markups. With this, banks can offer specialized products with fee waivers for any specific customer segments or transaction types or as per bank’s unique requirements.