pennApps Direct Debit – Comprehensive and flexible…

  • pennApps Direct Debit is a comprehensive, modular yet flexible and feature rich solution that offers you the advanced Direct Debit registration, initiation, processing and management features. pennApps Direct Debit fully addresses all the requirements of the originators, sponsoring banks and paying banks and fully compliant with the Central Bank Direct Debit regulations.

    In addition, it is bundled with wide array of features that enable you to extend the Direct Debit to all your service delivery channels to enhance your customer experience while achieving the operational efficiencies.

    pennApps Direct Debit’s modularity enables you to use the features specific to originator or sponsoring bank or paying bank either individually or in unison. It is structured in such a way to address the operations, processing and integration requirements very seamlessly. Operations module offers you the initiation and management of mandates. The processing module ensures error free processing as per the defined cut-off times including the exception handling. The integration module enables you to use the variety of the web services either to extend the Direct Debit to your existing service delivery channels or to achieve the seamless integration with other processing systems.

  • pennApps Direct Debit is a feature packed solution that empower clients to maximize their operational efficiencies and to offer better control of the overall Direct Debit life cycle. Some of the key features include:

    Registrations & Mandate Management
    Define flexible products for bank needs
    Configure Products Rules
    Define Controls for management
    Define Eligibility Questions
    Define Unique Product Selling Points

    Direct Debit Processing
    Prospect Customer Data Capture
    Duplication Checks
    Workflow based Approvals
    Integration to CIF or Central Systems


    System Lead Generation
    Product Based Eligibility Checks
    File Uploads for Bulk Lead Generation
    Campaign Leads Management
    Workflow based Lead Management
    Manage Complete Lead Life Cycle

  • pennApps Direct Debit is a feature rich product that enables banks to manage the overall direct debit with ease. some of the core differentiators of the pennApps Direct Debit is listed below:

    Meet Regulatory Requirements
    Full compliance with the UAEDDS requirements covering the UAEDDS rules validation, exception handling and mandate compliance will enable you to manage the Direct Debits without any hassles.

    Achieve operational efficiencies
    Capability to process Direct Debit requests, accounting and reconciliation of the internal reports vis-a-vis UAEDDS reports automatically, leaving you free to focus on financial management.

    BPMN 2.0 compliant dynamic workflow features ensure assignment of role-based permissions to ensure transactions are secure.
    Fully automated Direct Debit process, from sign up through to processing and accounting including the exception handling eases the administrative and operational process.

    Seamless integration with existing in-house systems ensures single point of data entry with minimal learning curve.

    Better customer experience
    Ability to extend the Direct Debit to all your service delivery channels which in turn offer the ability to monitor and control by the customers ultimately enhances customer experience.

    Ability to generate reports that will show past and present views of payments data and extending the same to your service delivery channels will sure to delight your customers.

    Efficient Accounting
    Built-in interfaces in-line with various standard core banking environments with effective exception management enables you to manage the accounting efficiently and effectively.

    Notification Manager
    Fully featured notification manager enables you to define the events, notification templates and the triggers for the same.
    Automated notification using the notification templates based on the events and triggers offers you the flexibility that ensures beer control and keeps all the stakeholders beer informed.

    Real time monitoring powered with alerts and escalations offers you the complete control over the direct debit life cycle and limits operational issues.

    Technology & Integration
    Achieve the seamless integration with your accounting systems effectively utilizing the web services bundled with pennApps Direct Debit

    pennApps Direct Debit accommodates the Input and output either using web services or any flat file format, XML format including Java Messaging Service. pennApps Direct Debit seamlessly integrates with virtually any flat-file or XML-based system or even more sophisticated messaging platforms covering IBM MQ Broker, TIBCO or Java Messaging Service.